May 31,2020

Artist: Varsha Vinn
Song: Muse

Universal MENA's latest signee Varsha Vinn's latest single brings together some well crafted poetic lyrics in a song directed at the object of her affection. The track spawns a melancholic feel with interesting build-ups, delicate keys and percussion that are rounded off nicely with a rolling EDM type bassline. What's more interesting is that her vocal tone works really well over the visuals in the video.

This is the type of work that the new crop of talent is producing and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for future releases. 

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Audio Credits:

Produced/Mixed and Mastered by: Ali Mustafa

Songwriters: Varsha Vinn & Lyons

Cover art: Muhammed Faiz


About the Writer

Faariss Khalil is a British musician who currently lives in Dubai. As a former turntablist from Bristol his experience of growing up in a thriving music scene has fuelled his passion to uncover new music in the UAE.