Jul 07,2019

Artist: Aeli & Zenden
Song: Gemini

Our July song of the month is Gemini by Aeli & Zenden Lavon. Aeli's production is turning heads with some clever Middle Eastern and Jazz phrasing that surfaces at various points over this trap beat, the feel of this tune is held together quite well with Zenden's West Coast flow and style. Some pretty good rhyme schemes and interchangeable tones from Zenden here too. 

There's something arresting about the beat switch towards the back end of this cut, and we hope this collab - a bi-product of Red Bull's Bel Sodfa project - is not the first and last we see of these two artists working together. The overall quality of this music sparks our imagination of how a full body of work and a full live set by Aeli & Zenden would sound.

Surely these two crossing paths is no Sodfa (Sodfa means coincidence in Arabic!)

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About the Writer

Faariss Khalil is a British musician who currently lives in Dubai. As a former turntablist from Bristol his experience of growing up in a thriving music scene has fuelled his passion to uncover new music in the UAE.