Review: House Of MAKEdbA

Apr 26,2020

Sharjah Art Foundation commissioned its first official vinyl release, an album written and composed by Neo Muyanga in memory of the late South African Jazz singer Miriam Makeba. 

The artistry on this quickly greets you with an operetta quartet creating a rather eery and sporadic atmosphere, underpinned by some gently tuned and processed monologues spoken through the eyes of a soul and its remains of apartheid era.

The following pieces are marginally unnerving as they lend themselves to a less contemporary bed of artistry. The lowering of the tone in the opening of Thula Nhiliziyo sends it to a distinctly different room sonically, yet the retains these atmospheric and mood-setting merits that remain throughout the whole album. 

Overall this project should be credited for its composition and chord choices, finding some moments for lo-fi effects in the process, as well as being an overall tribute to the life and views of Miriam Makeba (1932 - 2008).