Music Review: Mallam EP

Apr 09,2020

Hamdan El Abri and Elie Afif drop a joint project - Mallam, a six-track EP which comes shortly after we observed Hamdan Al Abri as one of the top musicians in the UAE, and this release is a testament to where exactly the reputation comes from.

This EP is a truly indulgent body of work which expresses some very handsome and progressive ideas. The production on here certainly stands out, with some clever beats and arresting bass lines, perhaps reminiscent of a wonky-hip-hop era that enjoyed a brief spell of popularity in the UK. Another inescapable object of our attention was the instrumentation and use of jazzy elements, layered with some soothing Neo-soul vocal work throughout the EP which makes for perhaps some the most interesting and original work we’ve heard this year.

After uncovering this absolute gem of a project, we’re happy to share it with you. Mallam is available on all streaming platforms. 

Listen to the album here