Event Review: Secret Party

Feb 02,2019

Trapped Beasts ran the second of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of local hip hop nights in Dubai. This time however the event was kept a secret and the location was not disclosed until a few hours before the event - And we love underground events because they really showcase a loyal fan following coupled with great undiscovered tunes.

Held at ''Poppy'' in Renaissance hotel, Business Bay. the cozy venue filled up quickly with DJ Lobito (producer of the Turntable Symphonograph Orchestra) filling the room with some throwback hip hop bangers that triggered some retro dance moves from an indulgent crowd.

While the first edition of "Trapped Beasts'' at Stereo Arcade had performances from local rappers to set the tempo, Last night, Lobito delivered a set that coaxed every hip-hop head to get out of their seat and move.

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