What Walaa Wants: A Truthful Coming Of Age Story

Jan 16,2019

If you ever wondered what life is really like in Palestine’s West Bank, then you should definitely watch this documentary. Director Christy Garland, followed headstrong teenager Walaa Tanji for five years and this wonderful gem is a raw and unfiltered product that is both factual and veracious.

Walaa grew up in a refugee camp while her mother was in prison and as a young teen she held a bold ambition - to become one of the few women to join the Palestinian Security Forces(PSF).

The film follows Walaa’s journey from hanging out at neighborhood Shisha café’s to grueling training sessions at the PSF camp. It is an honest account of a young cantankerous teenager transforming into a determined and responsible young woman.


Catch ‘What Walaa Wants’ at the Reel Palestine Festival on Jan 18, 21 & 23.

Tickets are priced at AED 52.5 and is available at Cinema Akil's box office and www.cinemaakil.com.