Event Review:The Nile Men In The Circle

Dec 16,2018

The final act of the Rain of light festival at the Louvre Abu Dhabi was an energetic extravaganza. The auditorium was occupied by a lot of Egyptian expats and a few other nationalities. This was a great blend of people because a lot of audience members knew what to expect while some (us) came in with no expectations.

The Nile Men in the circle is a show that depicts ancient Egyptian traditional dance which dates back to the time of the Pharaohs. It began with a solo song, followed by an instrumental track with and another percussion only instrumental. The Darbukas definitely got the crowd pumped and the musicians included a nice little solo section that showcased musicians displaying their mastery over the instrument.

One of the standout performances was a solo dance act by a member of the troupe - the performer started out on stage and ended up in the crowd amongst audience members. This performance was a great bridge into the encore that had a few people get up off their seats and onto to the stage to join the Nile men for one final celebration.


In a nutshell

A powerful performance that will give you an adrenaline rush.