Event Review: The Royal Ballet Of Cambodia

Dec 13,2018

The Louvre Abu Dhabi continues to celebrate different arts from around the world and the acts that have been included in the recently opened Rain of Light festival definitely have a purist approach to their craft. One of the performing acts 'The Royal Ballet of Cambodia' was authentic and true to its heritage and featured a host of musicians and dancers well versed in the traditional art form, but we must warn you - this is not for everyone.

The show featured a continual flow of monotonous music with little or intervals. The music was not grouped into different songs and was instead a permanent beat and key over which the musicians improvised. The dancing was great but since Cambodian traditional dance has minimalistic movements it may not be able to hold your interest for over twenty minutes.

The performers did well to capture 'audience interest' by including a traditional storyline that included English cue cards for the crowd to follow along. However, our main issue with this performance was that it was just too long and should have been cut short by the curator. Audience members seemed to get restless as it approached the 60 minute mark and there was still another 30 minutes to go.


In a nutshell

A great traditional act that did not need to go on for 90 minutes