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Feb 18,2019

The Gulf Photo Week 2019 organized by Gulf Photo Plus had seen a number of creative minds visit Dubai for the week-long program. Valentina Vee, a Los Angeles based content director is one of them. Vee has worked with brands like Nike, AT&T, Adobe, National Geographic, Dell, L'Oreal, MTV, Allstate, Mashable, Discovery, and Sony.

She was also the Creative Content Director of Aputure and is widely regarded as a top Premiere Pro and After Effects educator, having held workshops on various video related topics such as video editing, shooting documentaries, and creating music and fashion videos. We spoke to her about producing creative content and what makes her tick in an extremely competitive video market.

Do you have a secret to maintaining your creativity?

As a freelance creative it is very difficult to come up with new ideas, and new things every single day and I do sometimes get burned out. The way I deal with that is by looking at other art forms that aren't video, so I will go out to an art show meet the artist, talk to them, I will go to a concert and talk to the artist about how they create music. I use lessons I have learned by looking at other forms of art and integrate them into my art, and that, for me, is super helpful in breaking out any creative blocks that I may have.


Video has exploded in popularity over the last years. Vlogs, YouTube channels, Instagram, corporate, learning and so many other areas  What do you predict is the next big thing?

I think over that last few years there has been an over-abundance of short, meaningless, swallow videos from quick makeup tutorials to 6-second jokes that have taken over the internet and I think people are tired of it.

There is too much of that and not enough substance and I have noticed that people have started seeking out longer-form videos, long documentaries, things that go deep into one subject or one genre or one idea, and I personally think that is great.  There is way more opportunity to be creative, to have higher production values, to tell a complete story and I really like that that is where video is going right now and I also like that the platforms are supporting it Facebook and YouTube are actually giving more money to creators that make longer content 10 minute videos, 20 minute videos, 1 hour videos, you’re able to put more ads and make money for yourself so if you can sustain an attention span for that long, its better for the creator.


Which work of yours are you the proudest of?

With every video I make I try to grow and try to make it better than anything I have done before and that is certainly true for my latest video. I have just finished a video for prince EA who is a spoken word poet and I have worked with him a couple times before but this time it was really personal, the spoken word poem is about how women view their own self-confidence and their own self-image when comparing themselves to the images they see on social media.

The entire video looks like someone is scrolling through Instagram, its meant to be viewed on your phone, its meant to look like you are scrolling through Instagram. It was incredibly difficult to edit, I spent a month editing a 4-minute video because I wanted it to look exactly like Instagram and I wanted all of the text inside the Instagram interface to actually be the spoken word poem that is being narrated at the same time. It was a huge effort but I really hope that it changes a women’s mind about who they choose to follow on social media and what sort of images they want to be exposed to and how those images can help them or hurt them.


What advise would you give to someone who is just getting started with videography/editing?

If you're new to making videos I understand how intimidating it can be, whether you are trying to expose a shot correctly or you’re trying to learn a new editing program. My advice would be to just make something, to just start doing it, to put aside the time to actually do it because tutorials online can only take you so far. Odds are, if you have a phone you have a camera, and you can just start making something.


For more info visit www.valentinavee.com

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Archie Jurdi is a Hungarian FinTech professional based in Dubai. His passion for expressing creativity through the audiovisual form lead him through his formative years of spinning records as a DJ, these days however he is a dedicated follower of filmmaking, determined to capture the memorable moments of life through motion picture. Instagram:@archie.jurdi