The Green Room

Jan 23,2018

Two passionate musicians and entrepreneurs Vivi Semaan and Sali Elagab launched musician booking platform – “The Green Room” a little over a year ago. The startup is currently incubated at the Sharjah Sheraa Fund and the duo are hard at work behind the scenes developing new features for their digital platform. We caught up with Sali and Vivi to learn more about their vision for The Green Room and the UAE gig market.


1. Why was The Green Room established?

Vivi: A year ago we launched the Green Room with one goal in mind: to assist passionate musicians all over the UAE by giving them more stages to fill.

Sali: The concept is simple - the sooner we are able to help them transition into full-time musicians, the better they are equipped to create more content, gain exposure and have better market presence.


2. What do you offer musicians?

Sali: We help musicians at different stages of their career. This typically means everything from getting more gigs to working on production projects and introducing them to potential collaborators.

3.What are the new features you will introduce onto your digital platform?

Vivi: We have already begun setting up profiles for artists with all their relevant information (type of music etc), so that venue managers can find the right fit for their venue. Starting this year the entire process from booking to payment will be made available online, hassle free!

4. What are your thoughts on the UAE music scene and what is required to help it evolve

Sali: I love how you mentioned music scene and not industry, because that is exactly what it is! Initiatives and independent projects formed prior to The Green Room have made great strides in bringing great music to the UAE. Musicians and content creators today operate in what is known as an informal economy. What this means is that consumable content is being created on a daily basis but it is either misvalued, or not valued accurately. This makes it is difficult for someone to pursue a career in music and it is exactly where The Green Room comes in.

Vivi: The UAE isn’t even 50 years old, it’s so young!! The music scene is just the same, there is still so much room for growth. It just needs to be recognized. Individuals like Big Hass unceasingly promote local talent. It’s this type of push and support that the music community needs. 

For further info on The Green Room and their services visit.