The Recipe On Their Latest Music Video, Working With Talib Kweli And Serving Up New Material

Sep 21,2017
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With the release of their latest single "Uma Thurman" UAE based hip-hop trio The Recipe are on top of their game. We caught up with the boys to talk about their new album and hip-hop in the UAE


So you just dropped Uma Thurman, a track with high intensity and an insane vocal performance from all those who jumped on it. Is this a taste of whats to come on the new album? 

Yeah this is the third single off the album following Bandana and Place to Rest feat Talib Kweli and Spark Master Tape. Those three songs really show the different vibes people are gonna feel with the album but we've left a few surprises in there for listeners to enjoy on their first experience.


Tell us about the music video

This video is kind of different to the other two because we wanted it to be more emotional, that's why our director - Omar (who is also a close friend of the producer of the track) came up with the idea of making the whole video a fight. The track carries so much energy, especially in the way we rap that we all agreed on a visual focus of two characters battling it out whilst maintaining the ongoing theme of our videos.


With experience as solo artists beforehand, what inspired The Recipe to come about? 

Back in 2008 there weren't many platforms to bring about a scene or even a chance of collaboration. So we started by bringing in different rappers and created a compilation with a few producers, singers and even a beatboxer. From there on out it grew into a collective and over the years its gone from about fourteen people to us three.

You guys seem to have come so far in a short span of time, opening for legendary artists and collaborating with the likes of Talib Kweli. I imagine a lot of your fans are also big fans of Talib and would love to know, how is he to work with?! 

That was a surreal dream come true and the three of us still find it hard to believe. He was a really cool down to earth guy and worked his whole schedule around us to make sure that when he was with us, he was focused and dedicated 100%. He was the one telling the director of the music video "lets do another take" and "yo you wanna do another angle or another location?" even though his people told us he had to go. It was so dope.


What's the hip-hop scene in Dubai like at the moment and what is your vision for it in future? 

The music and art scene here in general seems to be getting a lot of support from places we haven't seen before. Prior to 2011 there was tons of support and it now seems to be happening again but this time from new and unexpected places. There's a lot of opportunity and creatives are slowly starting to take things into their own hands and make it happen.


How have you seen a transition in the Dubai hip-hop scene? 

The UAE has had many transitions. Its the nature of the city. People come and go, its new faces every few years and a new artist or DJ is killing it at the time. Its truly an underground scene. A lot of moments and memories people cherish and say "you had to be there to experience it".


The genre itself in recent times seems to have revived lyric-centric songs, as opposed to how personality and swag became the thing. What are your thoughts on this? 

People are gonna like what they like and hate what they hate. We're gonna do what we enjoy doing and have fun doing it. It great that artists like Kendrick, De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest are topping charts and winning awards because it's more the style we do and inspires us but its also great that other styles are blowing up as well because it shows that there's an open-mindedness towards freedom of expression.


How do you balance your work-life with your passion? 

We don't. It's hectic. But there's a method to this madness which fuels our passion and makes life less boring. 


What advice do you have for young artists out there? 

Do you. Be you. It may be hard but no one else is gonna do it better. That's what makes you different. 


The Recipe new album 'Funerals & Purgatory' drops  29th Sept. 2017. For pre-orders and further info visit their website: and follow them on social media @therecipedxb

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Faariss Khalil is a British musician who currently lives in Dubai. As a former turntablist from Bristol his experience of growing up in a thriving music scene has fuelled his passion to uncover new music in the UAE. When he is not out discovering talent Faariss enjoys listening to Dubstep, Trip Hop, Indie and Rock.