Jeff Maximum On Being A Social Media Influencer, Opening For Jay Z And Living In Dubai

Jul 19,2017
Dubai Music Artist Interview Jeff Maximum

Jeff Maximum is a R&B singer and songwriter based in Dubai. Having released his first album in 2015 (the album hit 17000 iTunes downloads in its first month alone!) Jeff is scheduled to release his new album this year. He has played to thousands of fans worldwide and also commands a loyal fanbase online this includes 400k Instagram, 350k Twitter, 100k Facebook and millions of views on his youtube channel. We caught up with Jeff to learn a little more about his roots. why he chose to settle in Dubai and whats next for him as an artist.


Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in the heart of Africa – Congo, but spend many years in the USA and now many more in DubaI


What got you into music?

I was born a musician - besides the love, pain, vision and dreams there are many more reasons that contributed to my motivation of becoming a singer and songwriter .

Which instruments do you play and who are your key influences?

I play a bit of piano and have been influenced by R-Kelly , Michael Bolton, Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke


What is your songwriting process?

Depends on my mood or my actual inspiration


Can you describe your career in a nutshell?

I began singing when I was 13 and now 17 years later I’m still in this industry independently with a global trademark. I’ve travelled around the world more than twice exclusively for music and I’m still at it. My new album will be out December 2017 and will be sold across all virgin megastores in the GCC

You have a huge social media following and can be considered a social media influencer in the music community what advice would you give to young musicians out there who want to build their online following?

First you got understand we are living in a digital world and people are looking for something to believe in - so be that person , be you and provide great quality work - this will ultimately impact your career.


How do you manage to keep in touch with the hundreds of thousands of your fans online?

I have the best fans in the world and even when I don't release any new music they still believe in me. I always stay close to them by sharing each moment of my journey and keeping them updated


Why did you decide to settle in the UAE?

Dubai is the center of the globe. I’m connected to all my fans from different continents here


Where do you perform live in the UAE and other countries?

I hit a few clubs in the UAE including XL beach. I’ve also opened for Jay-z, Ludacris ,Sean Kingston and many other megastars. Overall music has taken me to over 25 countries.


What are your thoughts on the UAE music scene?

I've got much respect for UAEs local artists even though many of them have given up on their dream because of no radio or tv support. But for those who are still standing up and fight for their dream - I encourage them because we become what we believe we are.


What is next for Jeff Maximum?

Build my legacy - More music, More videos and More shows!


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