Shan Fazelbhoy On Kobo Art Gallery And The UAE Art Industry

Apr 11,2017
Interview UAE Art Koboartfounder

Kobo Art is an online art gallery that showcases artwork from upcoming artists. We caught up with founder Shan Fazelbhoy for a quick chat on her background and the philosophy behind Kobo art


How would you describe your relationship with Art?

I studied graphic design and painted for several years but gave that up after moving to Dubai and working full time before starting Kobo. However, I stayed and worked in the creative field mostly: setting up a children’s play area for Landmark, rebranding and event creation for an engineering company and then independently freelancing in events and brand/design management.

Why did you decide to start Kobo Art?

It was an idea, one of several that came to fruition. I believe there is a lot of talent out there that needs a platform to show their work and being able to provide that for upcoming artists is what Kobo is all about.


What was it like switching from a regular job to becoming a full-time entrepreneur?

Before Kobo, I had freelanced for 2 or 3 years so it wasn’t such a big jump into the unknown and although a full-time business comes with its own challenges, once you decide to do something, you just deal with whatever aspects you face and keep working on improving the business in all respects.


What would you say is unique about Koboart?

Although we have had exhibitions and participated in events, we are mainly online and the largest in the U.A.E. Our portfolio is diverse and we offer an immense range to potential buyers that is not available elsewhere. We sell art for anywhere between AED 200 to AED 20,000+ from very talented artists who we are very lucky to have with us.

What is the procedure of purchasing an artwork through Koboart?

The BUY NOW button below any painting will direct the customer to a form which when we receive, we contact them and proceed with the transaction accordingly. It’s a fairly simple process that has worked well for us.


What is your opinion on the UAE art industry?

The U.A.E. art industry is multi-faceted in terms of whom they cater to and although still in the nascent stages, it is expanding rapidly. I believe it can move in several directions from this point so it will be interesting to watch where it goes.

What is next for Koboart?

Kobo will have been in business 5 years this May and although we have no major changes planned, we will look into expanding not just our portfolio but perhaps into other aspects of business that would be a natural way to move forward.

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