Amal Al Maamari On Being An Artist And Entrepreneur

Nov 15,2016
Dubai Artist Interview Art Beat

Art Beat is a peaceful little hub for budding artists of all ages. An Emirati self-taught Artist, Amal Al Maamari, now runs this arthaven. Ceramic painting, polymer clay, portrait painting are some examples of what you would find there. Today we talk to the lady herself, about her passion for art and the success of Art Beat.

How did you come up with the concept of Art Beat?
I took over Art beat about a year ago. It was founded by 2 sisters from UK, who opened up this place. When they moved here they couldn'tfind a place where their kids could indulge in art. After they left, I took over.At first it was mainly because I didn't want the place to shut down especially since I was a regular here, with my kids. In the long run it was my own love for art that set the foundation for developing the place.

I understand you balance being a full time mom as well as a successful entrepreneur. How do you manage that?
Overall I have a flexible schedule. I drop my kids at school and then come here to manage the place. During weekends or holidays, bring the children here with me and we spend time together here. It's my oldest however who is most into art. 

Where did you derive your interest in art from?
I am an electrical engineer by profession however I have always been artistically inclined. I had different hobbies like sewing,crochet, drawing etc. I liked to dabble in everything. I have even tried sugar/fondant art for bakery products.

How do you cultivate your own artistic talent?For example,sugar art .How did you decide to take that up and how did u develop it?
I just saw it somewhere and thought why not? I can do that too. I then did a 3 hour course in Sugar art. The rest I learnt through practice and YouTube videos. I am mostly self-taught in most forms of art. If I see something that I like, I will try it.


What was your vision when you first took over Art beat?
  I wanted to introduce new mediums of art. When I took over the variety was limited. We just had decoupage, candle making and stickers. I felt it would not appeal to repeat clients, especially since I had been one myself. I want to constantly add new projects. For example, now we have polymer clay art, one stroke painting, mixed media art, recycled art, etc.We also combine different mediums to come up with new projects.    

What service do you offer adults and children?
Whenever I am asked this question it is really hard to answer.We try to cater to what the client wants to indulge in. So far, if I have to broadly categorize, it would be glass painting, clay painting, ceramics, pottery painting, personalizing gifts, etc. Right now we have summer camps for children. We also offer custom packages for birthday parties, coffee mornings, etc. School activities get a 20% discount too.



What is your price range?
Packages are at various prices but the regular range runs from 25dhs-250dhs. We try to cover our costs and keep the profit margin as low as possible. Our main focus is to provide a place for people to relax and get creative.At the same time we do not compromise on the quality of product used.

You also used to offer an Art therapy workshop. Do tell us more about it
We had a qualified therapist running a successful group therapy session. Under her guidance, people would paint and then have a discussion with her. However, she has since left the country. Once we have a larger place with a private room we might re introduce it.

A piece of advice that you would like to give budding artists?
You have to prioritize your passion for what you do, look for the beauty in your art and pursue that. People tend to lose sight of their passion once they focus on the money rather than the art. Find your passion and follow it against all odds.



What are your future plans for Art Beat?
I have plans for a bigger place in different locations to cope with the growing demand. We also plan to introduce more packages according to the various age groups. We might even re introduce the Art Therapy sessions.

Open daily from 9am-6pm. Art Beat, Al Mushrif, Corner of 25th (Al Dhafra Street) and Muroor Road. Birthday Packages/ School Packages/ Coffee Mornings Available.  For further inquiries call (02 444 5135) or Email: