Event Review: Voice Of Nomad Music Panel

Oct 22,2019

Nomad DXB hosted ‘Voice of NOMAD’ at Dubai Outlet Mall. This was a music-focused panel session on whether ‘Sound is Associated to a Place?’ And it was held on Saturday 12th October 2019. The intention was to raise a debate on whether or not Dubai possesses a distinct musical sound that is unique and identifiable to the place. 

The discussion saw key opinion leaders and industry experts such as popular radio host Big Hass, Mike Fairburn, GM Sony Music Entertainment Middle East, singers Hamdan Al Abri and Omar Dean, homegrown producers and change-makers such as Mohammad Rayan Bailouni, Sarah Nabil and Waleed Shah, share insights on how music and cultures intertwine and what is needed to grow the local music industry.  

The right mix and balance of participants made for a comprehensive discussion and awakened members of the audience from the gems being dropped by the industry experts on the panel. Comparisons were drawn on how K Pop grew and became a global phenomenon, generating a loyal following by many fans despite a glaring language barrier, finding a connection with listeners through the general aesthetic and panache from the Korean artists. Another question was raised about the language associated with the ‘sound of Dubai’ and whether it is English or Arabic, or other.

Conversations didn’t end when the panel was finished as members of the audience overflowed their Q&A session into the concourse of the mall, with panel members happily open to further discussion.

Our attention is always on the UAE music scene and our belief that there is a sound to associate with Dubai , although do people outside the UAE share that belief? Perhaps this discussion wasn't conclusive but it was definitely a great starting point for the city.