A Unique Dance Performance For Infants And Toddlers Is Headed To Dubai

Oct 15,2019

PUZZLE is a performance by renowned dance company DANSEMA, Lithuania's first professional dance theatre to create dance performances for children aged 0 – 3. The performance is based on scientific research of a childs psychological and physiological development. Puzzle was presented in multiple festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe, and has toured in various countries like Germany, Poland, Ireland, China and Japan 

The concept for this performance was developed around how a child perceives its surroundings. Is it round or angular, yellow or blue? Or maybe oblong green, hollow, but soft? 

World cognition of a child in its first few years begins from a variety of shapes and colours. Famous Lithuanian choreographer Birute Baneviciute and the performing dancers have put these coloured shapes together in the form of a puzzle with recognizable objects and the performance will travel through a child's developmental stages.

“We are often asked how such abstract dance can be presented to children. We don't personify rabbits or foxes and our costumes are abstract. But children understand everything. Judging from what they do during a performance, how they repeat our movements or play with the set after a performance, we can say that they do notice and understand everything. said choreographer Birute Baneviciute "This is one more proof that dance is the only universal language. It is understandable irrespective of cultural or age differences.” he added.

"Talking about children, art and education are inseparable – the development of a child is stimulated by each exposure to work or act of art. Art education is not only art classes, but also artistic works for children, created according to their psychologic and physiological development. These works have artistic and educational approach at the first place, followed by entertaining element. Most stage productions for children we see here – local and touring - are based on pure entertainment. Therefore, we want to open a performing arts program for children which focuses on artistic works. And we start with the youngest ones – babies and toddlers." said Beata Stankevic, Founder of Stabea Art Cell


Event Details

Duration - 30 min. + 15 min. (activities with the audience) 

Venue - Sima Performing Arts, , Alserkal Avenue, Unit 38, Al Quoz, Str. 17, simaarts.com 

Tickets - on sale on 800tickets.com and meraticket.com. Information: hello@stabeaartcell.com 

Ticket price - 165 AED for 1 adult + 1 child 

For more info visit https://stabeaartcell.com/


Image Courtesy: Supplied