Cinem’Art At Louvre Abu Dhabi

Jul 18,2019

The second season of Cinem’Art brings films that are inspired by artworks at Louvre Abu Dhabi through classic and new movies. Curated by Hind Mezaina, the five week program is free to attend and offers a wide range of genres for all ages.

Films will be screened every Wednesday from 6pm onwards at the Louvre Auditorium. Some interesting films include the Van Gogh inspired at eternity's gate, Martin Scorsese's Hugo and more. Egyptian film 'The Land' is the next film that will be screened.


The Land (1969)

24 July at 6pm

130 min, drama, PG-15, Arabic with English subtitles

‘The land’ by the iconic Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine (1926 – 2008) details the struggle of a group of peasant farmers in the 1930s to protect their fields and their livelihood from feudal control.

This newly restored version of the film courtesy of Misr International Films is part of many screenings worldwide marking the 10th Anniversary of Chahine’s death.

‘The Land’ is considered to be a masterpiece and was voted 4th in Dubai International Film Festival’s 2013 poll of the greatest Arab movies.

This screening is inspired by ‘Tablet inscribed with pictograms’ found in Gallery 2. The first Mesopotamian tablets were tools used for bookkeeping that served to record the movements of goods such as cereals, fabrics and livestock. This film screening highlights the evolution and establishment of the hierarchy system at work similar to what such tablets led to.

All films are free, but prior booking is needed through either or by calling +971 600 56 55 66, or at the museum ticketing desk.