Trapped Beasts Promises To Enrich Dubai's Underground Music Scene

Nov 18,2018

A new monthly music series titled 'Trapped Beasts' is all set to launch at Stereo Arcade, Dubai this month. The event will showcase a wide spectrum of bass music; including electronic hip-hop, trap and future beats. Trapped Beasts will debut on November 23 and its first event features a promising lineup of home-grown talents.

Organized by Dubai based Music Producer and Dj - Aeli and his manager Maryam Pahlavan, Trapped Beasts was conceptualised as a cultural gathering to explore new music. "We are building a community, a group of like-minded creatives aiming to let go of preconceived ideas and open their minds to nights filled with adventure and unusual possibilities," said Aeli. "Our aim to enrich your sound experience with a variety of influences" he added.

The event promises to step away from 'Top 40' charts and instead introduce its listeners to new music. Trapped Beats debut event will also feature performances from Aeli, DJ Liutik, Freek, Menon and Mr Shef Codes.

This is your chance to join the community and discover new sounds.

Doors open at 10pm. Entry is Free.

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Image Courtesy: Aeli Manila Event - Supplied