Cinema Akil's Movie Schedule

Sep 11,2018

To commemorate their permanent opening at Warehouse 68 in Alserkal Avenue, Cinema Akil has released a new programme list. Starting  September 28th, the cinema will screen a movie every night.

The new season will begin with the regional premiere of Palme d’Or nominee ‘Yomeddine’ and the premiere of ‘McQueen which follows the life and career of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the critically acclaimed documentary film is directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui.

Other showings include cult classics like Skate Kitchen and The Colour of Pomegranates. Cinema Akil will also be home to Project Chaiwala, a homegrown tea concept in the UAE. 

Cinema Akil will run from every day from 4 pm and tickets will be sold at the venue. 

Heres the full list

MCQUEEN: This critically-acclaimed documentary directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui follows the life and career of fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen: from his start as a tailor, to launching and overseeing his eponymous line, and his untimely death.

YOMEDDINE:  Yomeddine follows Beshay and Obama on an emotional journey across Egypt to search for what is left of their families. Directed by Abu Bakr Shawky.

COLD WAR: In the ruins of post-war Poland, Wiktor and Zula fall deeply, obsessively and destructively in love. As performing musicians forced to play into the Soviet propaganda machine, they dream of escaping to the creative freedom of the West.

THE COLOUR OF POMEGRANATES:  The Color of Pomegranates revives the splendours of Armenian culture through the story of the eighteenth-century troubadour Sayat-Nova, charting his intellectual, artistic, and spiritual growth through iconographic compositions rather than traditional narrative.

DOGMAN: Marcello, a small and gentle dog groomer, finds himself involved in a dangerous relationship of subjugation with Simone, a former violent boxer who terrorizes the entire neighbourhood.

THE OLD MAN & THE GUN: Based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), from his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED: A handsome prince rides a flying horse to far-away lands and embarks on magical adventures, which include befriending a witch, meeting Aladdin, battling demons and falling in love with a princess.

SKATE KITCHEN: Camille’s life as a lonely suburban teenager changes dramatically when she befriends a group of female skateboarders. (movie still pictured above)

GRACE JONES: BLOODLIGHT AND BAMI: The life of a bohemian traveller, artist and partying hedonist, warm and funny but also a fierce and tenacious businesswoman.

SUMMER OF 84': The perfect time to be 15 years old and free. But when neighbourhood conspiracy theorist Davey Armstrong begins to suspect his police officer neighbour might be the serial killer all over the local news, he and his three best friends begin an investigation that soon turns dangerous.

THE EVIL DEAD: Five college students take time off to spend a peaceful vacation in a remote cabin.

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