• How do I install McAFee antivirus on my PC?

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 #289  by kevinrudy12
 Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:33 pm
I am using a high costly laptop for my official tasks. I am communicating with my all customers with the help of laptop. My laptop is very advanced and efficient, so I am fully working on my laptop for communication purposes. To protect my laptop and important information, I want to install McAFee antivirus software on my computer system. I don’t have complete technical knowledge to install MacFee antivirus software on my PC. I want to install McAfee antivirus software using mcafee.com/activate. I have opened this link in my preferred browser and have entered the code in the displaying box. Now, I am getting stuck to complete next step. So anyone can suggest the easy tips to install McAFee antivirus on my PC.
 #314  by akshay_m
 Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:15 pm
McAfee is a high-quality antivirus software that helps to protect your PC or mobile from the attack of many kinds of harmful treads. But before start securing your PC from the virus with the help of the antivirus it is important to install the McAfee antivirus software to your PC. You can install McAfee antivirus to your PC in two basic ways.

From Web server

From CD

Using Web Installation (Web server)
First of all, open the web browser in your PC and go to the web install link given in the packaging
Select the country and type your activation key
Sign up to your account using credentials
Follow the given procedure one by one
Now your computer is secure from viruses with McAfee antivirus

Using CD Installation
Open the packaging
Put the CD in the CD drive
Now insert the activation key
Make sure you are connected to the internet
Follow steps one by one
Now after finishing the installation restart your computer
Now your computer is secure from viruses and online threats.

Hope this helps