Warehouse421 Announces Its “Takeout Workshops” Fall Program

Oct 20,2020

Warehouse421, the home-grown arts and design center dedicated to showcasing and nurturing creative production across the region, announces the commencement of its Takeout Workshops fall program to both the general public and aspiring creatives. The fall program started in October and will run until December 2020.

Inspired by the currently running exhibition The Cup and The Saucer and the upcoming Community & Critique: Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship 2019/20 Cohort 7 show, the program includes workshops and talks that draw on the design, creative writing, drawing, and tactile arts. These online courses introduce participants of all ages to essential art and design skills foundational to any creative practice.

Highlights from the Takeout Workshops program:

Round Table discussion

This panel gathers the five interns and assistant artists who helped bring The Cup and The Saucer exhibition to life. The discussion touches on their experiences working closely with artist and curator duo Hashel Al Lamki and Munira Al Sayegh, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It highlights the integral role interns play in exhibition-building and the potential for growth and future career paths that internship programs in the Arts can offer. Active across the local and regional art spaces, this distinguished group of young creatives provide insight into the work ethic, flexibility, and dynamic team building involved in fully realizing an art exhibition.


Palestinian Embroidery (Tatreez)

This workshop introduces participants to the art Tatreez or Palestinian embroidery. Mixed media and textiles artist Joanna Barakat will delve into the art’s history and cultural context across Palestine, and its form and significance pre and post-1948. The three-day workshop aims to impart attendees with a deeper understanding of the complex history and culture that grant traditional Palestinian embroidery motifs their significance, further informed by a look at different artists’ incorporation of Tatreez in their work. Participants will learn how to cross-stitch their motifs, eventually embarking on a waste canvas embroidery project that results in wearable items, embroidered with Palestinian Tatreez.


Clay Hand-building Workshop

This workshop conducted by Emirati visual artist and ceramicist Hessa Al Ajmani of Clay Corner Studio will introduce different hand-building techniques such as coiling, pinch pot, and scoring-and-slipping to create various objects. This guided, step-by-step process will help participants develop simple hand-built items, facilitating an understanding of the basics of clay sculpting. The course, structured and paced according to general participant aptitude, promises foundational knowledge, hands-on experience, and insight into clay as a versatile, functional craft and design material.


Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

Wri.chi.tects encourage the use of creative writing as a therapeutic tool in a series of sessions led by the platform’s founder, writer, and architect Yosr El Sherbiny. Participants will write and edit a piece of therapeutic creative writing across three days, in the form of a letter or short story. A presentation on the link between creative writing and self-therapy and guided sessions and exercises will facilitate the process. The workshop will culminate in a session of writing critique, discussion, and reflection.


Connecting the Lines

Participants in this workshop by artist and Adjunct Professor at AUD Zara Mahmoud will enjoy the opportunity to create drawings that will be assembled to form an exquisite corpse. Every three participants will draw one figurative form – head, torso, legs. Participants will be exploring the use of different media integral to drawing, and they will enjoy observational studies of the forms, encouraging them to think about proportion/sighting techniques, perspective, tonality, and composition. Live demonstrations via zoom on shading techniques and the combination of different media will also accompany guidance sessions. The works will be assembled digitally to form the exquisite corpse to see the result.


Khayal with Early Starters

Transform string and pins into works of art in this class by Yasmine Badran of Early Starters, an Abu Dhabi-based bookstore specializing in children’s literature and workshops. Three string art techniques, Scribble, Fan, and Zigzag, will allow children to complete the 15+ projects in the String Art Book Kit. Participants will learn how to craft fun and endlessly creative designs that are sure to ignite any child’s creative spark.

The Takeout Workshops virtual program connects art lovers and creatives to industry experts in intimate sessions and workshops. Each kit enables participants residing in the UAE to acquire new knowledge, bolster their skills, and expand their personal and professional networks, all while social-distancing.


Each workshop kit can be purchased here and is delivered to participants by Warehouse421. For the full schedule of workshops, please visit www.warehouse421.ae.

Image Courtesy: Supplied