New Digital Music Distribution Agency: AudioSwim Launches In UAE

Jun 11,2020

AudioSwim launches to get artists’ music onto the world’s leading online digital service providers (known as DSP’s) such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Anghami, TikTok and more. There’s no denying streaming and subscriptions’ new role as the barometer in music industry ‘stats’, and nowadays rising musicians are expected to double up as business or tech savvy individuals just to get themselves noticed.

Yes, the modern online model enables fast track rise to global, at times phenomenal success, but what about artists that need someone to pave that way on how to drop their music? This exciting new initiative provides music streaming solutions to independent artists and independent record labels by offering a way to upload, sell and stream music globally.

AudioSwim also backs its clients with a high degree of confidentiality and security that allows artists, management, agents, record labels and other professionals to gain control and get paid from music streaming and sales. According to Culture Shifter and Founder, Albert M. Carter, “AudioSwim’s focus is for artists who use this service to keep three key points in mind - Create. Control. Compensate.” The company has been established to shift the culture from the traditional model of big business to artist empowerment.

Furthermore, we’ve seen so many companies who reach international success come and set up shop in Dubai and they either sink or swim, so now we have a company launched locally devoted to getting artists recognised both in and outside the country is a breath of fresh air. The industry here was not spared of the blow struck by the pandemic which has rocked the arts industry worldwide, but we have seen some great resilience in the recovery phase from the local scene which was quick to migrate online and not just lie down to the circumstances.

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