Music Streaming Platform Anghami Pushes $3m Of Ads To Assist SME’s

May 17,2020

MENA based music streaming platform Anghami has been allocating audio ads - free of charge - to small businesses as a way of supporting them throughout the covid-19 crisis. Co-founder Elie Habib confirms they have been running these ads since March and set to “reach over 13 million people in the Middle East and will hopefully help businesses get through these critical times.” 

The estimated value of the radio ads is $850,000 and the streaming company has committed to $3,000,000 worth of audio ads in total, with a further $1.5m of ‘Amplify’ credits will be handed to 400 independent artists. These credits are a feature which artists can use to promote their music on the platform.  It is a generous and bold move being made by the streaming platform who as a start-up itself has managed to become a household name in the Middle East. 

Habib states: “As an active member of the Arab community at large and its start-up ecosystem, we believe we have to be outspoken about the necessity for everyone who can, to do more. ”This pandemic has shown us the better side of people with their moves to support the smaller, more affected businesses. The music industry is certainly one that has felt an instant hit from the new social functionality and artists have been quick to adapt and find ways to add sugar and water to the lemons life has thrown lately. 

“Together we will overcome this crisis, and tomorrow will play a better tune,” he added. Members of the public can add their own suggestions to on what can be done to help through the Covid-19 outbreak.