MARSM Push Alternative And Underground Arabic Music In The UK

Apr 20,2020

Behind the scenes over the past two decades, London based concert producer and organiser Marsm – Arabic for ‘easel’ – were actively introducing arts & culture from the Arab world to the rich art scene over in the UK. The organiser, with a network of venues and platforms, has been dedicated to the underrepresented, alternative artists of ours and putting them in front of audiences known to appreciate creativity and welcome diversity – the Brits.

Based – specifically – in Shoreditch, a London hub with comparisons to Camden as a pool for cultural –  and where one of our very own UAE artists Freek* performed – Marsm have hosted some now headline performers including the likes of Cairokee (of Egypt), Mashrou’ Leila (of Lebanon) and 47Soul (of Palestine). In a world where we depend more on the interconnectivity of the worldwide web to bridge the array of musicians and listeners from across the globe with one another, culture painters like Marsm bring the personal touch of live performance to new audiences, an act essential for conveying talent in its fullest form.

The current global shutdown of concerts among all other events shows we’re fortunate these artists already got their foot in the door and we shall keep the inevitable continuation of this events company hot on our radar.

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