Dubai Jiggy Announces Virtual Open Mic Event

Apr 14,2020

UAE Artist community platform "Dubai Jiggy" has just announced a massive event this weekend, a virtual Open Mic concert with 40 local artists. Founded by UAE based artist Narmeen Naser, the platform has hosted over 150 events and experiences to support local talent in the country.

The performances will range from pop acoustic songs, spoken word poetry, rap, r&b covers, original songs, Bollywood music, arabic songs, rock ballads, percussion and instrumental jams, Indie Alternative tracks, and even some Moroccan folk music. The Virtual Open Mic has artists as young as 16 years old performing as well as professional artists and DJs. Dubai is seeing a rise in virtual events this quarantine season with more events focused on creativity, knowledge sharing, and talent showcase. 

Tune in this Friday, April 17th, on Instagram from 4pm to 11pm to see a range of performances from local talent including poetry, rap, DJ sets, and vocal performances. This event is organized and hosted by Dubai Jiggy. Find them at Each artist will perform at their predetermined time slots on their Instagram handles. A weekend to look forward to with 7 hours of live entertainment provided by local talent in UAE.

Please feel free to sign up at for more details.