The Beat DXB Digital Music Festival

Apr 07,2020

Brought together by local music scene mogul Big Hass – creator of The Beat DXB – and in partnership with G-Shock, this Wednesday 8th April we will see 35 local and regional musicians in a chain of back-to-back performances online for the region’s biggest digital music festival. The format for this array of musicians will be a nine-hour stretch on Instagram from 2.15pm – 11.55pm, with back-to-back 10-minute slots, so make sure to follow each artists’ Instagram page as their respective set will be available on their own IG Live platform. You can find the full list along with their Instagram profile here.

The initiative was inspired due to the current situation the whole globe is facing regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. “Now, I am not saying that the 10 minutes they will perform here will change their career, but artists also need to keep going and creating. With the Lockdown event I wanted to show their talent and show appreciation for what they do.” expressed Hass, further confirming that the event sponsorship will be donated to charity

This grouping brings more than entertainment to our living rooms, it’s also a snapshot of who we are, and where we are musically. Taking a scroll through this list of talent brings a nice moment in stepping back and seeing the abundance of quality talent that came through in recent times. Big Hass adds that “it’s an attempt to uplift emotions, showcase diversity and potentially have brands reach out to these artists and compensate them for future online events.”

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