World’s Biggest B-Boy & B-Girl Competition Comes To Dubai

Mar 21,2019

Red Bull BC One is the biggest one-on-one B-Boy and B-Girl competition in the world. Every year, thousands of dancers across the globe vie for a chance to represent at the World Final. Sixteen B-Boys and sixteen B-Girls earn the right to enter into an all-out battle on the Red Bull BC One stage, but only one will be crowned the champion. On March 29th B-Boys and B-Girls from across the region will have the chance to compete, with the winner getting the chance to represent the region in India and claim one of the final remaining places in the top 16.

Partnering with Dubai Marina Mall, workshops will be hosted at the Promenade Terrace from 1pm followed by the qualifier which is open to anyone who registers. B-Boying/B-Girling, or breakdance as it's referred to by the media, but rather breaking within the scene, is a style of dance that originated on the streets of NYC in the late 1970s. It's one of the four pillars of the Hip Hop culture along with DJing, MCing and Graffiti Art. Over the years, breaking has grown into a rich and vibrant scene, with active communities stretching across every corner of the globe. Each year, top dancers and crews continue to push the limits of breaking, evolving it into an art form unlike any other.

Schedule :

13:00-13:30 – Registration 

13:30 -15:30 – Workshops

15:30-16:30 – Qualifier for Red Bull BC One Middle East Cypher TOP 28

16:30 -17:00 – Open jam session

18:00 -21:00 – Red Bull BC One Cypher

Judges this year include Victor and Lilou – From Orlando, Florida, B-Boy Victor, is a member of Squadron crew, MF Kidz and the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Since he started battling at the age of 14, Victor has gone on to win multiple solo competitions all around the world, including winning the 2012 Montreal Skill-O-Meter, the 2015 Hip Obsession, 2015 Silverback Open, 2015 Freestyle Session, the 2015 Red Bull BC One World Final, and the 2017 World B-Boy Series Undisputed solo competition. Lilou helped found the legendary Pockémon Crew just a few years later in 1999. Lilou has a storied past competing with Red Bull BC One. In his first year, in 2005, in Berlin, the then underdog surprised everybody by taking the World Champion title.

Following BC One the UAE hip-hop scene converges on the Yacht Club deck of the QE2 for the after party to celebrate One Red Bull Music Presents 10 years of The Recipe. Joining them on the night will be a host of friends including PAVAN (Foreign Beggars), Moh Flow, Freek and Arbi. Doors open 9pm for this free event.