Sharjah Film Platform Announces Short Film Grant

Feb 19,2019

Sharjah Art Foundation has launched an open call to filmmakers from around the world to apply for the Short Film Production Grant, the initiative is part of the annual Sharjah Film Platform. 

Applicants that respond to the open call must submit a grant application and a three-minute video that presents an overview of the genre, themes, structure, plot, setting and characters for their original short film. A total of 30,000 USD will be awarded to the selected filmmaker/s, and all films must be completed in time to screen at the 2020 edition of Sharjah Film Platform. 

Sharjah Film Platform is the Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual film festival that features film screenings as well as a programme of talks and workshops led by filmmakers and film industry professionals. 

Application deadline is 15 March 2019. To apply visit