Fabric Of Memory

Jan 14,2019

Dubai based art gallery Tabari Artspace has announced its latest exhibition titled 'Fabric of Memory". The show will spotlight the work of Mohammed Joha and which has been curated by visual artist, Hazem Harb. The exhibition draws together a selection of works by Mohammed Joha that spans across paint, collage, and installation to tackle the themes of displacement, cultural malaise, dystopia, and identity that have arisen from the Palestine-Israel conflict. Through an immersive environment and the insider’s gaze of the artist, the exhibit aims to shine a light on the lesser known realities of Gaza.

Joha’s works are concerned with the Palestine of now, highlighting the limiting conditions enforced upon those that were displaced. On first impression, his surrealist paintings are playful and vibrant, yet they relay deep rooted messages of despair and destruction linked to current media portrayal and the hardships of war. In addition to Joha’s paintings Harb has also selected a collection of collages to be displayed.

Fabric of Memory will be open in Tabari Artspace’s DIFC gallery on January 2. Harb is set to transform the space into an environment that expands our understanding of the exhibit and the migrant experience. Alongside the selected artworks by Joha, Harb has created an immersive installation designed to create the sense of claustrophobia and chaos experienced by the Palestinians who were driven into life as refugees, stripped of their homes, belongings, and social identities at once.

“Gaza has become a space that has no routine at all: when it's war, it's difficult to call it war, and living repeatedly through such radical transformation makes it almost impossible to cope, every time again, with a profoundly altered geography. The course of the streets, the shape of the houses, everything is different now. Here was a street surrounding a public park, and there was a hotel next to a tower, and an apartment building hosting a grocery store on its ground floor. Everything has changed!” - Mohammed Joha, Paris, 2018

Fabric of Memory is part of Tabari Artspace’s recent program dedicated to supporting and celebrating Palestinian art driven by the gallery founder, Maliha Tabari’s, passion for and understanding of the rich and vibrant art of her country.  During 2018 the gallery exhibited such Palestinian creatives as hyperrealist Samah Shihadi and contemporary designers, Naqsh Collective, acting as a platform to showcase these diverse and dynamic talents to the wider world.

For more info visit www.tabariartspace.com

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