Uptown Funk Is The Top Workout Song For Females Worldwide

Jan 06,2019

Earlier this week, Spotify released new data that revealed the top trends surrounding workout music. The data is based on the service's 100 million users and provides great insight into the various fitness activities and listening habits of different countries.

Spotify has revealed that it now has 43.5 million workout-themed playlists on the streaming platform and contrary to popular belief July seems to be the most active month of the year, while November was named the least active.

Eminem's 2002 hit 'Till I Collapse', was named the top workout tune worldwide for the third year in a row! The track also the topped the list of workout songs for individuals aged 13-35.

Finland was named the most active country while Sweden was named the most zen country because of its high consumption of yoga music.


Top workout song by gender:

  • Men: “Till I Collapse”—Eminem
  • Women: “Uptown Funk”—Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars


Top workout songs globally of 2018:

  • “God’s Plan”—Drake
  • “I Like It”—Cardi B
  • “‘Till I Collapse”—Eminem
  • “Nice For What”—Drake
  • “One Kiss”—Dua Lipa


Top workout songs globally of all time:

  • “’Till I Collapse”—Eminem
  • “Lose Yourself” (From 8 Mile soundtrack)—Eminem
  • “Stronger”—Kanye West
  • “Power”—Kanye West
  • “Can’t Hold Us” (feat. Ray Dalton)—Macklemore and Ryan Lewis