Dubai Design Firm Makes An Interesting Colour Prediction For 2019

Dec 20,2018

One of the founding members of the minimalist movement in the UAE, SVENM Architecture and Design has developed interesting creative concepts over the years and their projects involve an inclination towards accurate creative predictions.

The studio recently announced their colour prediction for 2019 is 'Molecular Dust' a colour that includes subtle hues of dusty-cream and grey. We spoke to studio founder Sven Müller to learn more about their colour choice for 2019.


What factors define your colour choices?

The task of predicting colours for an architectural studio and design gallery like ours is to help our clients, so we incorporate practical understanding, look back into history, read what's going on around us in terms of innovation and see where strong relationships in all this information take us.

How has science affected your colour choice this coming year?

It is unbelievable that next year is the 50th Anniversary of mankind's first celestial journeys to the moon and it is fascinating that we have now successfully landed on Mars too. Our colour for 2019 is 'Molecular Cloud'  echoes the interstellar haze created by the formation of new stars in space. 


How do you think this colour will manifest itself in terms of design?

This colour choice is simple, elegant and understated. You can have chairs, tables, the background of a room fully developed around it and if you choose only one additional colour you instantly have a sharp contrast, which is a strength.


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