UAE's First Ocean Film Festival Opens Next Month

Oct 17,2018

It's always great to see new initiatives that connect enthusiasts from different fields and link the community closer. UAE based 'Surf House Dubai' has long been a hub for surf and stand up paddle lovers and boasts over 3000 members from around the country. Now the popular Jumeirah Beach Surf Shop is taking things further by introducing "UAE's 1st Annual Ocean Film Festival.“ set to take place on November 24 this year.

The festival will focus on an original look at our seas through different lenses and multiple shorelines - both regional and abroad. Surf House Dubai is inviting filmmakers to submit films 2-7 minutes in length with a focus on the ocean - including marine life, water-sports and other related topics.

Submissions are not restricted by style or category and entries can be in the form of a documentary, fictional story, observation or music video - which means there's plenty of room for creativity! 

Entries are accepted both from the region and abroad, but only regional entries are eligible for awards. Application deadline is November 17, 2018. 

For more details, and to apply visit:



About the Writer

Archie Jurdi is a Hungarian FinTech professional based in Dubai. His passion for expressing creativity through the audiovisual form lead him through his formative years of spinning records as a DJ, these days however he is a dedicated follower of filmmaking, determined to capture the memorable moments of life through motion picture. Instagram:@archie.jurdi