Nature Against War

Oct 03,2018

Dubai's Art Couture has announced its latest exhibition at the Holiday Inn in Dubai Festival City. Titled 'Nature Against War' the exhibition focuses on the work of Serbian artist Maja Poljak

Poljak's home country of Yugoslavia has been experiencing growing turmoil since the 1970s and the subsequent years of war have influenced her work and life. 

“Ever since moving to the UAE, the Middle Eastern culture has influenced my painting and since then I have developed an expressive style, reflective of many influences".says Poljak. "Drawing on my childhood memories and parental guidance I have furthered my passion for nature and the ‘Burdock flower’. To me this flower symbolizes the strengths I used to override the brutality of war. "

Opening Timing - 10am - 10pm

Exhibition runs until Oct 14, the Holiday Inn, Dubai Festival City.

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