Poetry Pavilion At Dubai Expo 2020

Oct 02,2018

As we inch closer towards 2020, preparations for the exhibition are well underway. Several countries are currently working on designing their pavilion for Expo 2020, and the design for the British Poem Pavilion was recently revealed.

Designed by Es Devlin to represent Britain’s leading expertise in artificial intelligence and space exploration, the pavilion will boast a 20m high structure that displays AI-generated poems. The cone-shaped structure will stretch across 52m and will combine geometry with technology as poetic words light up on protruding linear LED screens to form the shape of a conch shell.

Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Message which involved people coming together to create digital messages that represent the human race in the case of a run-in with an advanced alien civilisation. Like the original project, Expo visitors will be able to contribute and watch it become a part of the collective poetic message.

The pavilion will display poems in Arabic, French, Chinese and English to help international and national visitors feel connected and provide a sense of unity.