Maisie Williams Launches App To Foster Creative Collaborations

Aug 29,2018

Creative industries like music, photography, filmmaking and fine art are known to be extremely difficult to break into and talented individuals find it much harder to gather a meaningful audience than display their skills as a hobbyist. Even those that use social media to showcase their creativity tend to get lost in the large influx of posts by millions around the world.

Actress Maisie Williams and filmmaker Dom Santry have come together to create ''Daisie'' an app that eliminates the problem of clutter. Daisie allows creative individuals to find each other and make connections that will assist their real-life industry breakthrough, users will also be able to share their work and get feedback from other users - hopefully leading to future collaborations.

Surprisingly, unlike most other social media platforms Daisie doesn’t have a follower feature. It does however, let users ‘bump’ (short for fist bump) posts to show that they like them.

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