Samsung Drops Google For Spotify

Aug 13,2018

Samsung has announced a new deal with Spotify that will make the popular music streaming service Samsung’s go-to music service provider. Having the Spotify app integrated into all Samsung mobile phones will allow the two companies to “create a seamless music listening experience together for the user” according to Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek.

Along with making Spotify the main music app on Samsung phones, the partnership will also enable users to navigate through Spotify on all their Samsung devices including smart TV’s, tablets, watches and speakers. Other features will make it easier to switch between devices and have a better music listening experience overall.

Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, will likewise recognise Spotify as the go to music platform and if asked to play a song, Bixby will look for it in Spotify even if the user has never used Spotify and doesn’t have an account set up. Listeners will benefit from this as they will receive recommendations from Spotify and find new playlists. 

As this alliance increases Spotify's music downloads, it is bound to affect other music apps like - Apple Music and Google Play Music. These competitors may observe the direct impact of the deal as Spotify seeks to further maximise its listeners. However, the looming presence of Tencent Music may remain unaffected for now. 

With talks of Spotify's jump to the UAE, residents will likely be impacted as Samsung preloads all its devices and paves the way for Spotify's grand entry into the MENA region.