Attending Concerts Might Be The Key To A Longer Life

Aug 12,2018

In you are a concert afficianado, we got news for you. A recent scientific study conducted by popular music venue O2 and Patrick Fagan, a behavioural science expert, has uncovered that "attending a concert every two weeks can increase your life expectancy by almost a decade." 

This may seem surprising, and almost unbelievable but thorough research has been done to prove that only 20 minutes at a gig can increase your feeling of wellbeing by a massive 21% compared to just 10% for yoga and 7% for dog-walking.

Participants also showed increased feelings of self-worth, closeness to others and higher mental stimulation. Previous research demonstrates that high levels of well-being increase lifespan by nine years establishing a sure connection between attending concerts and achieving a longer life.

Frequent gig-goers were also the most likely to rate their happiness, contentment, self-esteem and productivity the highest. Although this is just a positive correlation and doesn’t give conclusive results, it suggests a relation between regular concert going and an improvement in wellbeing.

Unfortunately, listening to music privately does not have the same effects as 67% of participants stated that live music makes them happier than listening to it alone.