Dubai Square Will Include New Art District And Entertainment Arena

Jul 26,2018

Emaar has just announced plans to construct yet another megastructure in Dubai. The new destination is equivalent to the size of more than 100 football pitches – with over 750,000 square meters (8.07 million sq ft) of gross floor retail space – ‘Dubai Square’ pushes the boundaries of design and mall layout. Once completed it will have more than twice the gross leasable area of The Dubai Mall.

Yes, it is primarily a shopping experience but there is also great news for art and culture enthusiasts. Dubai Square’s entertainment arena will feature 3-D projection mapping, theatrical sound and lighting, high wire rigging and other cutting-edge attributes is at the heart of the offering. This multipurpose entertainment venue is set to have a packed calendar as it hosts concerts and theatre shows, celebrity performances, acrobatics, live music, museum-quality exhibitions and more.

Dubai Square will also feature an Art District, which will include everything from permanent exhibitions, ephemeral performance art to one-man shows. In addition to serving as a creative hub for young designers, performers and other creatives, the year-round immersive events will integrate retail with dance, drama, literature, painting, music, photography, cinema and other art forms.

The Art District will be driven by Art Emaar an initiative to curate planned communities, which include: urban interventions, public works and diverse art events by offering a program of contemporary art initiatives,