Alserkal Avenue's Summer Programme Begins This Weekend

Jul 11,2018

Alserkal Programming is back with its third annual summer programme: Sensing Memory. This diverse series of workshops, lectures, performances, and seminars will draw from the UAE’s creative community and beyond to explore the connection between the senses and our personal and collective memories.

All events are free and open to the public however prior registration is necessary as seats are limited. 

Here are some highlights from the two-month series.


Book Club

This summer-long book club will examine Marcel Proust’s The Way by Swann’s, the rst (and perhaps most essential) volume of the author’s seminal masterwork In Search of Lost Time. Writer Kevin Jones will lead a series of intimate group discussions, during which participants will explore the book’s cultural context and legacy, examine Proust’s narrative techniques, and interrogate notions of memory and time. Engaging and critical, the discussions should enable participants to walk away with a deeper understanding of the Proustian universe, and why it remains a literary cornerstone.

Dates - Thursday, 19 July | 6.30-8.30PM Monday, 30 July | 6.30-8.30PM Wednesdays, 15 & 29 August | 6.30-8.30PM Location Loft, A4 Space

Limited to 15 participants. To register, email with the subject line ‘Book Club’. Confirmed participants are expected to attend every meeting and engage in the discussions regarding the text. 


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Glimpse into Earth’s past and the formation of our solar system. In this discussion, Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, head of Dubai Astronomy Group, will delve into everything from dinosaurs and their extinction through to meteorites. Attendees will be invited to examine meteorites on show, some of which are 4.5 billion years old.

Date - Tuesday, 14 August | 6.30-8.30PM Location A4 Space Cinema Room

Rsvp recommended, email with the subject line ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’. 


Intuitive Creativity

Discover deeply rooted messages in your subconscious—memories, feelings, thoughts, sensations, and ideas—and transform them into artwork. Through breathing exercises and meditation techniques, participants will be guided into a state of relaxation to loosen inhibitions that may block emotions and memories, revealing imagery that can be physically manifested using ink techniques.

Dates - Saturday, 18 August &
1 September | 4-6PM
Location thejamjar | Warehouse 74

Open to ages 16 and up. Limited to 15 participants. To register, email with the subject line ‘Intuitive Creativity workshop’. 


Stage Write 2018

In this unique 24-hour playwriting competition, aspiring playwrights will be given two cards, one outlining a character and another describing a situation. With those cards as inspiration, they will have 24 hours to write
and turn in a 10-minute play. This year’s theme is focused around sensing memories. The top play will earn a spot in the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival 2019, and the second-place play will earn a ‘wildcard’ spot. Top three plays will also receive certificates.

Date - Friday, 7 September | 4PM Location A4 Space

Open to all age groups. To register, email with the subject line ‘Stage Write 2018’. 


For more info and to view the full event schedule visit