Abu Dhabi Art And Khalifa University Team Up For A Second Edition

Jul 11,2018

As part of Abu Dhabi Art’s year-long programme of initiatives designed to engage the wider community with innovative artistic practices, this year’s Art + Technology Residency Workshops invited students from Khalifa University to join internationally-renowned artists in producing artworks at the university’s campus. Featuring artists Feng Mengbo, Noumenon and Alaa Edris, the residency resulted in the creation of technology-driven art projects. Some of the participating artists will also reveal artworks inspired by these workshops during the coming Abu Dhabi Art exhibition.

Over a period of five days in June, engineering and science students from Khalifa University were joined by the research and development company ‘Noumenon’ to create an interactive sculpture that responds to near-field communication and heat in the ‘Obscure Object’ workshop. The Belgian tech company, which was founded by Carl De Smet, specializes in creating sculptures in motion while pioneering the approach of ‘smartification of objects’. Students could also choose to work with artist Feng Mengbo, who participated in the residency in 2017 and returns in 2018 with a new workshop concept centred on developing a Karaoke platform for music lovers. The ‘Karaoke Booth’ workshop will be exhibited at Khalifa University, on the Corniche and at Abu Dhabi Art fair encouraging the public to share their talents online. In the third workshop of 2018, artist Alaa Edris has conceived a study on ‘Experimental Portraiture’, sharing her experience of working with technology to create contemporary art using advanced 3D hologram technology, and introducing students to the history of portraiture and how artists employ their self-portraits in contemporary art. 

Art + Technology is a collaboration between Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi Art that was launched for the first time in 2017. The initiative brings leading artists together with students from the university, for a series of workshops that explore innovative ways to make art through the use of technology