Apple's Next Big Step Is Almost Here

Jul 01,2018

Various reports in recent weeks have suggested that technology giant Apple is gearing up to launch a new subscription service early next year. Apple's new entertainment package will combine music, original video, news and magazine content - look closely the hints are out there.


The Magazine

Apple recently acquired Texture - a magazine subscription app that has long been dubbed the “Netflix of magazine publishing”. Texture gives readers access to over 200 magazines for a monthly fee of Dh 36.  When Apple wanted to build its news feature in 2014 it did just that by buying out Dutch digital magazine startup Prss.


TV Shows

Apple has announced 14 new original shows and signed deals with media personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Durant. The company has also stated that it will spend over $1 billion acquiring and producing content over the next year.


The Music

The foundation upon which this bundle is slated to be sold is obviously - Apple Music. With 40 million subscribers potentially ready for conversion, Apple recently announced that it wants to sell over $50 billion in subscriptions and other services by 2021.

One aspect that remains unclear is its distribution strategy - will this exciting new subscription be limited to Apple devices only or will Apple finally open its doors and make its product available across all devices including Android.