UAEs New Contemporary Designed Mosques

Jun 23,2018

Earlier this month, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) revealed its plan to build a Grand Mosque in DIFC. The building appeared quite untraditional and featured a simple cube within a cube, reflecting the Gate Building of DIFC.

The exterior features minimalistic design while the interior boasts elaborate details including a chandelier inspired by the traditional Muqarnas (a form of ornamented vaulting in Islamic architecture). 

According to DesignMENA, Dubai-based firm X-Architects have revealed plans to design another contemporary mosque(pictured above) in Ajman. The traditional dome and minarets look unlike any other mosque in the country. The project is being developed by Aldar and the leaning dome is said to inspired by the shifting sand dunes of the desert that serve as an urban lantern at night.