Roli Closes Sony Investment

Jun 05,2018

If you play the piano you've probably of Roli, a London-based music startup that built the ultimate modern keyboard. Rolis products are characterized by their unique touch-sensitivity that allows a user to create accurate depictions of smooth pitch bending. If you haven’t tried one yet, the Apple Stores in UAE retail the keyboard(starting from Dh 1153).

Roli is gradually positioning itself as more of a tech company than just a musical instrument manufacturer and this investment from the Sony Innovation Fund will see further development in its hardware and software resources. According to PitchBook, the company is currently valued at $82 million and continues to grow.

Earlier this year Roli reported an increase in year-on-year revenue but this was overshadowed by the companies additional costs in production and marketing. Roli has also formed other strategic ties in the audio industry including appointing Pharrell Williams as its Chief Creative Officer and securing investment from Onkyo, the Japanese pro audio giant that owns majority stakes in Pioneer and Gibson