Renaissance Downtown Hotel Dubai Hosts Global Day Of Discovery

Jun 05,2018

The newly opened Renaissance Downtown, Dubai will join 170 Renaissance Hotels around the world to host the Global Day of Discovery for the first time since its opening in 2017. The hotel will transform into a blank canvas, featuring a bold, unscripted, Dark Art experience, creatively combined with unique 3D art. Completely immersive, the Global Day of Discovery experience will feature international and local artists, bringing the design aesthetic of the hotel to vivid life, led by the Renaissance Navigators – the brand’s unique twist on concierge.

“There is always an opportunity for the unexpected, for business unusual, at Renaissance Hotels,” said Richard Zeolla, General Manager, Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai. “With Global Day of Discovery, we celebrate and showcase what Renaissance does every day to help our guests uncover the soul of the neighborhood and experience the people, sights, sounds, tastes and art of the local culture that makes each city unique.”

The immersive art and design-driven experience will be open to the public exclusively from 9am-5pm on June 5th - with the unique exhibit popping up for one day only in celebration of Global Day of Discovery.

In the lobby, guests will be greeted by The Year of Zayed installation, marking the Year of Zayed and the centenary celebrations of the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The installation includes seven sands from the seven Emirates merging to form the canvas of the UAE from which a portrait of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan emerges on the ‘Column of Unity’. Following the Global Day of Discovery unveiling, the piece will be on permanent display at Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai.

Guests will then be led on an unscripted tour throughout the property by the team of Navigators, breaking down the traditional art gallery concept, where they will be given a map of the local and international art pieces, plotting a course through the hotel, together with narratives of the artwork and key design elements of the property.

The pieces, designed to intrigue and surprise will be a mix of 3D, interactive installations and Dark Art installations, that are not visible to the naked eye and are only discoverable by UV light. The design of the art installations will incorporate a reinterpretation of the hotel’s design narrative. The main UV art installation will be curated in a Deluxe Suite by Jay Fanakapan – whose globally recognised hyper-realistic 3D foil balloon-based subjects will stop you in your tracks.

Select installations throughout the hotel will be interactive in nature, featuring 3D designs that work in sync with the hotel, including a unique structure from Jeongmoon Choi; a light artist who creates complex geometric arrangements of UV-reflective threads, as well as 2D ink jet drawings from Patrick Lichty will be displayed throughout the hotel.


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