Apple And Pixar Launch USDZ File Format

Jun 05,2018

Apple just announced a new augmented reality file format called Universal Scene Description (USDZ) during its keynote event at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The new format .USDZ was developed alongside animation studio Pixar and is an open file format optimized for creating and sharing 3D Augmented Reality assets in a compact, single file. Adobe has also confirmed that it will have native support for Apple's new file format on its entire suite of Creative Cloud software applications.

USDZ is a zero compression, unencrypted zip archive - which means no more unpacking. The format also promises high-performance retrieval and rendering. These major upgrades are part of the company's new ARKit 2. According to Apple the new kit " allows developers to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection and image tracking to make AR apps even more dynamic."