Al Ain Mall Launches Ramadan Art Exhibition

Jun 05,2018

Al Ain Mall has just launched an art exhibition gor the holy month of Ramadan. Titled 'Ameen - When all prayers are being heard’ the exhibition runs untill June 30th and is curated by Shabir Mir

"We are highlighting the unity of a healthy art community where artists of different nationalities take pride in celebrating Ramadan" said Shabir Mir. "This Pride is the true blessing that residents of this nation enjoy" he added 

Ameen brings together different art forms including traditional, and modern calligraphy, cubism, portraiture and more.

The exhibition will include 11 participating artists from around the country including Ahmed Rukni, Fatima Al Hammadi, Ria Sharma, Noor Elhami, Maria Noga, Roveda Luqman and others.