What Is The Sharjah Architecture Triennial And Why Does It Matter

Jun 04,2018

The Sharjah Architecture Triennial is a platform for architecture and design in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region. Lead by Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi and was founded in 2017, the commission recently announced that their inaugural event themed ‘Rights of Future Generations will be held in November 2019.  Adrian Lahoud, Dean of the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art has been chosen to curate the first event. Lahoud's work includes extensive research on urban spatial forms and large-scale environmental changes with a focus on the Arab world and Africa

The Triennial is positioned as the first of its kind architecture event in the region and will focus on research in regional architecture and incorporate exhibitions, competitions, conferences and publications. 

The event will also see collaborations with a range of partners including Sharjah Art Foundation, Art & Design at American University of Sharjah, Bee’ah and more.  It is the first major event that will focus on the architecture and urbanization of this diverse region by addressing its socio-economic, environmental and cultural impact.


For further info visit sharjaharchitecture.org