Worlds First AI Composed Theme Tune

May 29,2018

Dubai has achieved yet another first in collaboration with music AI company Aiva (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist). The city has become the first to have a theme song composed exclusively by an AI. The 2 min 40 sec musical piece was created by scanning 30,000 scores composed by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi and other western classical composers.

Aiva Technologies is a Luxemborg based startup that applies deep learning to music composition. The company was inspired by the Joaquin Phoenix movie "Her".

Aiva is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) capable of composing emotional soundtracks for films, video games, commercials and any type of entertainment content. Recently, the startup also became the first virtual artist to have her creations registered with an author's rights society (SACEM)

The theme titled "Ode to Dubai" is a venture between DWTC and AIVA. It is said to have been composed in 72 hours and depicts the meteoric rise of Dubai as an international city which is why it builds up to a crescendo.