Google Celebrates Ramadan With Qalam

May 21,2018

Qalam is Google's newest offering, it is a browser app which allows users to share calligraphy greetings created using VR tech. Google worked with 9 world-renowned artists and calligraphists to create over 35 artworks which merge between virtual reality art and calligraphy. 

The artists include UAE based calligrapher El Seed, Turkish typographer Tolga Girgin,  British lettering artist Rachel Joy Price and more.

The virtual reality greetings can be made in a browser by stitching together calligraphy made by famous artists in Google’s own Tilt Brush tool. Qalam allows users to create customized calligraphic greetings by entering the text they want and using calligraphy made by artists around the globe. The finished product can be downloaded in jpeg, gif or video format which makes it real easy to share.

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