Bringing Light To Darkness

May 14,2018

Simoni Symeonidou, is a multidisciplinary artist best known for her unique and imaginative shadow sculptures. Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus where she is currently based. Her work was exhibited for the first time in the region by the Art Cocoon gallery at World Art Dubai this year. Simoni's artwork revolves around the human figure, exploring the emotional, and existential concerns of the individual, within our society.

“I consider my work to be anthropocentric and through my art I comment on the fact that things are not always what they seem to be.” says Symeoniduo “I wish to create an experience for the viewer placing them co-existing with the works within the space, she adds. 

Four Moons(pictured above), is a sculpture that portrays how people can get lost in their despair and forget how to appreciate the beauty around them. This encourages viewers to look for the positives in a seemingly negative situation.

‘Alone', shows the audience how negatively perceived experiences such as loneliness can be used creatively, bringing in a sense of optimism. 

This piece consists of a light, a sculpture made of plaster and a piece of hand-painted glass which creates the colors around the figure. The final result is a “painting-like’ projected image made of colorful light and shadow.


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